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Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush

Gangster Myer Rush led a colorful and dangerous existence. So dangerous he was the target of an assassination attempt and blown-up by a bomb while sleeping, dying twice en route to the hospital but surviving. From his first job as a paperboy in Toronto during the Great Depression, to wheeling and dealing making millions, Myer Rush lived through many shocking events involving conquests, conspiracies, global exploits and heroic accomplishments.

Now in the new book, BOMBED IN HIS BED: Confessions of Jewish Gangster Myer Rush, Bruce Farrell Rosen has told the story exclusively shared with him by his uncle – a story of an astounding journey that would take Rush to all corners of the globe, acquiring great wealth and notoriety, suffering the depths of loss and despair, all the while living fully and with an absence of fear. The book is filled with astonishing stories of an unforgettable man.
Here you will find:
• Tales of being a top notch, fearless cat burglar – from coast to coast and Cuba
• Gun running into Palestine, at the request of a Rabbi, to aid a nascent Jewish homeland
• Discovering and marketing a wonder sex herb with enormous success – a precursor to Viagra
• Acquiring diamond mines with crucial timing
• Expanding marketing concepts by putting advertisements atop taxis – initiating new territory for branding opportunities.
• Buying companies, promoting them and making millions upon millions doing so.
• and more!

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“…Rosen writes through multiple lenses – journalist, nephew, son, and observer…A beautiful narrative, this book is a wonderful way to get the story out about a less than perfect man who did his best to live life according to his own rules…”
Bonnie Cehovet
Writer/Editor of

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