If You Ever Need Me, I Won’t Be Far Away

is the heartfelt memoir of award-winning writer Bruce Farrell Rosen. As Rosen faces the unraveling of his marriage, he delves deeply into the nature of his greatest loves – for his psychic mother, his wife of 25 years, his two talented sons, music, world travel and exploration in all its forms. Rosen offers a road map for all of us who are struggling with life’s momentous problems to come to terms with all that has been given us and to prepare for what may be in store. Ultimately, it is a book about joy, the memory of joy, and the joy we carry with us.

“Angels come in many disguises, and for me an angel took a bit of control of my life when I was about 25 years old. That angel, with a pipe dangling from his mouth devoid of front teeth; a nose that had to have been broken a couple of times; a full head of mussed up hair, once red, now almost completely gray… saw that I needed to make a bit of money, that I had the potential to be successful…”
from If You Ever Need Me, I Won’t Be Far Away

In these pages the author brings the reader with him on an often spellbinding, captivating journey of discovery, in which he reflects on his life’s journey. A financial officer by day and writer by night, Rosen’s work has been featured in The SF Chronicle, on the BBC and in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“I really didn’t have to ask her out for a glass of wine after the play that night. We could have parted with a compassionate handshake, suggestive of some sort of recognition that there is a kinship here, a kind of knowing of one another that would seem improbable given that we had just met several hours ago when I walked through those Steinway doors in Midtown Manhattan…”
from If You Ever Need Me, I Won’t Be Far Away

Follow Bruce Farrell Rosen as he goes on a journey, physical and spiritual, from childhood in Canada to coming of age in California – then onward as his landscapes expand within the mind and the world. 

“A fascinating memoir told with the immediacy of an intimate diary. A rich and spellbinding story.”
— Maria Espinosa, American Book Award Winner for the novel, Longing.

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